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🔥Christmas Special Sale🔥 Outdoor Faucet Cover for Winter

🔥Christmas Special Sale🔥 Outdoor Faucet Cover for Winter

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Keep your outdoor faucets safe from freezing weather!

If you live in an area with reliably harsh winters or in an area where temperatures occasionally dip below freezing, then an outdoor faucet cover is a must. These simple devices help protect your irrigation system from freezing or bursting when the temperatures plummet.

We picked this as the best outdoor faucet cover, thanks to its sturdy construction and effective performance, even when temperatures dip well below freezing. This foam faucet cover is made by polystyrene, and it has a softer foam gasket around the base. The foam gasket fills in gaps between the faucet cover and the wall or fence that houses the faucet being protected, so you can use this cover even on walls that have siding or other uneven surfaces.
You can reuse this faucet cover for years, although like any foam product, it may begin to break down after a few seasons in harsh weather conditions. Once winter is over and temperatures in your area are reliably above freezing, you can remove the faucet cover and store it in a spot where it won't be crushed or exposed to intense heat or open flames.
  • Easy install in seconds by simply putting loop over spigot and tightening

  • Self sealing design to keep better insulated

  • Ultra insulating polystyrene foam shell

  • Reusable Outdoor Faucet Cover Protector


  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 15.2*15.2*17.8cm
  • Weight: 40g

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