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LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster

LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster

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LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster

LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster

 (1128 Reviews)
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We all understand that nurturing an orchid to achieve beautiful blooms is a challenging task. A critical component of this success is the orchid food. LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster offers everything your orchid needs, making the process much easier for you.

“I’ve been growing orchids for over a year now but had limited success in doing so. The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster has changed that for me. After weeks of using this product regularly, I noticed a significant improvement in my orchids. The flowers are more vibrant and last much longer. The leaves and stems look healthier, too! I highly recommend this product, especially to newbie orchid growers like me!” 

- Janet J. Nichols, MN, US

“My orchids have been suffering from poor growth recently. After using the LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster, the change was remarkable. My plants now look stronger and healthier than before! I’m satisfied with this product, and I will surely buy more.

- Vernon K. Graves, FL, US

The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster is an orchid solution designed to nourish, protect, and enhance the natural beauty of your flowers. This advanced bloom booster is perfect for gardeners who seek to address the common challenges faced by orchids, promoting incredible growth and resilience. 

The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster is formulated with a blend of natural and scientifically proven ingredients to address the common orchid cultivation challenges. Its growing power comes from different organic ingredients that work cohesively to promote healthier and stronger blooming.

Some of these ingredients include seaweed extracts, soluble potassium fertilizer, and various minerals that specifically target the flowering process, ensuring robust, vibrant, and lasting blooms. It also features active enzymes and amino acids to stimulate and rejuvenate the soil, improving its structure and fertility. Because of that, this product creates an optimal environment for orchids to thrive, addressing issues like poor flower buds, yellowing leaves, and weak stems. 

Addresses Common Orchid Issues 

The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster is specially formulated to tackle the common frustrations of orchid growers. These include short flowering periods, yellowing leaves, and weak stems. 

Nourishes and Protects Roots 

The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster is also enriched with essential nutrients that deeply nourish your plants’ roots to ensure a strong foundation for your orchids. Its combination of seaweed and amino acids fortifies the roots, which helps enhance an orchid’s ability to absorb nutrients and water efficiently. 

Promotes Excellent Flowering 

This orchid care product features a unique blend of soluble potassium and minerals to stimulate prolific blooming, resulting in more vibrant and lasting flowering. Its organic formula ensures that your orchids flourish without the risk of any damage. 

Encourages Activated Soil

The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster is formulated to create a thriving environment for your orchids. This product features active enzymes that rejuvenate your soil, leading to better aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient absorption. With regular use, it can create an optimal soil structure for your orchids to thrive. 

"I’m highly impressed with the LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster. It combines the essential nutrients needed for robust root health and vibrant blooming. Its formula effectively addresses common issues like sparse buds, yellowing leaves, and weak stems. Because of that, not only does this product enhance flowering, but it secures overall plant health. It’s definitely an outstanding choice for orchid growers."

Michelle J. Turner shares her 3-week experience with the LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster for her orchid.


"I decided to try the LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster to address some persistent issues with my plants, particularly their short blooming. Within a few days of using the product, I saw subtle changes to my orchids. They looked slightly vibrant. Though it was early, I was already hopeful. "


"The changes were more visible by the second week. The leaves were greener and less yellow. Plus, the stems appeared healthier. I also noticed an increase in the number of buds forming on my orchids. It was clear that the product had an impact on my plants. I continued to use it, excited to see more. "


"At the end of the third week, the transformation has been remarkable. My orchids are now thriving. The buds have multiplied, and the flowers and leaves are more vibrant than ever. The LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster is a true game-changer for me, and I highly recommend it!"


  • Put 950 ml of water in a watering can/spray bottle
  • Add 1 bottle of the solution 
  • Use the spray bottle on the leaves
  • Use the watering can on the soil
  • Use this product every 1 - 2 weeks in Spring and Summer and every 2 - 4 weeks in Autumn and Winter 


  • Package includes: 1 x LIMETOW™ Orchid Plus Bloom Booster
  • Package size: 9 x 3.1 x 3.1 cm 
  • Gross weight: 55 g 
  • Net content: 50ml 

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