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šŸŒŸGerman Three-eyed Monster Mini Flash Super Power FlashlightšŸŒŸ

šŸŒŸGerman Three-eyed Monster Mini Flash Super Power FlashlightšŸŒŸ

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Let's See what ourĀ  Customers say>>>

ā€œThe Super Power Mini Flashlight is a game-changer! Its compact design fits perfectly in my pocket. The fast charging and self-defense features make it a must-have for everyday use. Highly recommend!ā€

Ā - Eisen Phil,Ā Texas, US

ā€œThe Super Power Mini Flashlight was a lifesaver in an emergency! Its powerful beam and SOS mode were crucial for signaling help. Quick recharge and reliability make it a must-have in my emergency kit. Highly recommended!ā€

- PEEl,Ā  Alberta, CA

Brief introduction:

The revolutionary Super Power Mini Flashlight, designed to address the common challenges faced by those seeking reliable, efficient, and versatile lighting solutions. This innovative device seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with a sleek, compact design, providing users with a powerful and multi-functional lighting tool that surpasses traditional flashlights.Ā 

Product Features of Super Power Mini Flashlight:

Photon Precision with Nano-Prism Tech:

  • Experience unmatched clarity and brightness through our Nano-Prism Technology, delivering precision in photon emission for superior illumination.

Dynamic Multi-Mode Illumination:

  • Benefit from a versatile lighting experience with our multi-mode design, seamlessly integrating three high-brightness LED cores into one for dynamic illumination options.

Quantum-Efficient Energy Management:

  • Optimize energy usage with our intelligent chip, ensuring enduring brightness while balancing rapid recharge and extended battery life for an efficient lighting solution. The compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Electro-Optical Self-Defense:

  • Elevate safety with Electro-Optical Self-Defense Integration, utilizing Nano-Prism Tech to provide an intense, ultra-bright beam for self-defense advantages.

Adaptive Photonic Spectrum:

  • Navigate various scenarios with five adjustable modes, offering adaptability in lighting options, including strong, medium, weak, flash, and SOS.

All-Weather Reliability:

  • Conquer adverse conditions with hydrodynamic encapsulation engineering, featuring a fully sealed and waterproof design for reliable performance in any weather.

Quantum-Charged Type-C:

  • Embrace the future of charging with Quantum-Charged Type-C interface, ensuring swift recharging for uninterrupted illumination, combining quantum principles with Type-C technology.

How to Use Your Super Power Mini Flashlight:

  1. Power On/Off: Press the power button to turn on/off the flashlight.
  2. Adjust Beam Intensity: Press the power button to cycle through strong, medium, weak modes.
  3. Emergency SOS Mode: Press the power button until it activates.
  4. Self-Defense Activation: Select strong mode for an intense, ultra-bright beam.
  5. Charging: Connect Type-C charging cable to the charging interface.
  6. Battery Status: Check the indicator light near the charging interface.


  • Battery:Ā Built-in 18350 lithium battery
  • Charging method:Ā Type-C charging
  • Waterproof:Ā daily waterproof
  • Gear:Ā strong/medium/weak/flash/SOS
  • Wick:Ā 3 high-lumen lamp beads
  • Power:Ā 20w
  • Accessories:Ā USB charging cable
  • Color:Ā Black

  • Size:

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