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LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set

LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set

 (23928 Reviews)

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LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set

LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set

 (928 Reviews)
Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Achieve professional lawn care at home with the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set. See what these happy homeowners have to say about this product!

“I was skeptical at first, but the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set really exceeded my expectations! My lawn had these unappealing patchy areas. After using this product, my grass grew back thicker and greener than ever! The application process was straightforward, too, which is a huge plus for me! I highly recommend this product!"

- Jeremy S. Lakin, CA, US

“LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set is such an incredible lawn care product! It’s incredibly easy to use and effective! My lawn looks healthier now than before after weeks of using it. This is a true game-changer, and I strongly suggest you try it!” 

- Jolene R. Guthrie, NY, US

The LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set is a revolutionary lawn care solution designed to make your grass grow effortlessly. This product is perfect for both amateur gardeners and professional landscapers, offering an easy-to-use application process that requires no time-consuming mixing and an advanced seed formula that contains no harsh chemicals. 

With the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set, you can ensure that your lawn remains vibrant and healthy all year round.

The LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set is a comprehensive lawn care solution for homeowners dealing with patchy, poor, or damaged lawns. It features an advanced seed mixture system, promoting uniform grass growth that blends seamlessly with existing lawns. Plus, it comes in a straightforward sprayer specifically designed to evenly spread the solution to the target area. 

The theory here is that using this intuitive sprayer with the pre-mixed formula allows the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set to accelerate seed germination effectively, leading to rapid lawn revitalization that lasts. This product is formulated for common lawn problems like dry spots, high-traffic areas, and shaded regions. Its ability to quickly repair and rejuvenate ensures that users can achieve and maintain a lush, green lawn all year. 

The experts behind this product wanted a cost-effective alternative to professional lawn care services with minimal effort, and they’ve successfully crafted a product for that.

Revitalize Your Lawn Effectively

LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set is specially formulated to address unhealthy lawns. With its advanced seed mixture and intuitive sprayer design, you can repair damaged areas and rejuvenate them seamlessly to match the rest of your lawn. You can use this wonderful lawn care set to address various areas, from tiny dry patches to large sections of your yard.

Intuitive Sprayer Design 

This lawn care product is designed for simplicity and convenience. The sprayer that comes with the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set is very user-friendly, allowing you to spread the solution evenly to promote consistent and uniform grass growth. 

Convenient Lawn Repair Kit

With its all-in-one design, it takes the hassle out of lawn care by providing you with everything you need in one kit. No more running back and forth to grab different products - simply mix the liquid and seeds together for optimum results.These high-quality way to spray seeds  are specially chosen to promote strong root growth and ensure lush green grass.

Non-Toxic Formula

The LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set also features a non-toxic formula. This ensures that the product is completely safe for everyone in the family, including your pets, providing peace of mind while caring for your beautiful lawn. 

Professional Lawn Care Quality

The best part about the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set is that it offers a cost-effective solution to professional-grade lawn care. It's meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility with most lawn types, resulting in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. With this product, you can achieve a lawn that looks professionally cared for.

"The LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set stands out as a highly effective solution for homeowners who want to elevate their lawn care. Its formula addresses the common challenges homeowners face with an innovative approach that simplifies distribution and rejuvenation. I especially admire how cohesive or uniform the overall results this product brings. And how non-toxic the formula is, making it safe around pets and children. That’s why I highly recommend it!"

Anthony L. Pineda shares her 3-week experience with the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set in his garden.


"I was eager to try the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set after hearing so many great things about it. Immediately, I was impressed by how incredibly straightforward everything was. The sprayer was so easy to use! I tested it on some dry patches in my lawn and was amazed by how even the distribution was. From there, I was optimistic to see what this product would do for my lawn."


"Throughout the second week, I began noticing new grass in those dry patches. The sprouting was consistent, indicating the seed mixture system was doing its job perfectly. I continued to use the product as recommended and remained positive that the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set will revitalize all treated areas effectively."


"After three weeks of regular use, the LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set really revitalized my lawn. The new grass now blended seamlessly with the existing lawn. Plus, they looked healthier than before! No more dry patches. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a more vibrant lawn. "


  1. Loosen the top layer of the soil and moisten it with water to create a suitable environment for seeding
  2. Pour the grass seed and solution into the canister
  3. Fill the canister with water 
  4. Spray on your target area
  5. Water the newly seeded area 2 - 3 times a day
  6. Keep the soil consistently moist for the first 14 days 


  • Package includes: 1 x LIMETOW™ Liquid Lawn Sprayer Set (1 solution and 1 sprayer) 
  • Solution bottle size: Approx. 9 x 3.2 cm 
  • Solution bottle net content: 59 ml 
  • Sprayer size: Approx. 65 x 41 x 72 cm 
  • Sprayer weight: Approx. 380 g



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