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LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets

LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets

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LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets is an oral care product that blends probiotics and solid toothpaste for added convenience. Immerse your senses in the delicious fragrances of Cherry Blossom and Mint to maintain a constantly fresh mouth while efficiently reducing oral odor and whitening teeth. These tablets, carefully designed with vital elements such as peppermint extract, sakura flower extract, and hydrated silica, offer a thorough 360-degree cleansing experience. LIMETOW™ is a portable oral guardian suitable for everyone even with pregnant women and children. It comes in a compact bottle with 30 capsules and is suited for daily usage.

Love LIMETOW™ Tablets! Cherry Blossom flavor is a treat, and the portable bottle is so handy. Noticed a difference in teeth whiteness, and the chewable-to-foam concept is refreshing. Perfect for on-the-go freshness!”   Helen Fulis, US

“This is lifesaver! I always keep them in my bag for quick freshness before office meetings or events. No more worries about bad breath – a quick chew, and I'm ready to make a great impression!”  Vivian Saints, Canada

LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets combine probiotics and toothpaste for a unique oral care solution. These tablets provide a transformative 360-degree cleansing experience by utilizing important elements such as peppermint extract, sakura flower extract, and hydrated silica. The chewable-to-foam breakthrough provides comprehensive coverage, eradicating thousands of bacteria while tackling typical issues like as mouth odor and sticky tea and coffee stains. Embracing a paraben-free formula, the product principle stresses a natural and safe oral hygiene solution for everyone, including pregnant women and children. LIMETOW™ Tablets are designed to be compact and portable, making them ideal for maintaining an effective, convenient, and enjoyable oral care for a radiant smile.


Product Features:

  1. Probiotic Power:
  • LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets harness the strength of probiotics, promoting a healthy oral microbiome for long-lasting freshness and enhanced cleanliness.
  1. Two Invigorating Flavors:
  • Enjoy the delightful experience of Cherry Blossom or Mint flavors, leaving your mouth not only clean but also fragrant after each use.

  1. 360-Degree Cleaning:
  • The innovative chewable tablet transforms into a cleansing foam, ensuring a comprehensive and effective clean that reaches every corner of your mouth.

  1. Stubborn Stain Removal:
  • LIMETOW™ Tablets feature an advanced decontamination formula, specifically targeting and removing persistent stains from tea and coffee, resulting in visibly whiter teeth.

  1. Paraben-Free Formula:
  • Prioritizing natural and safe oral care, these tablets do not contain parabens, offering a clean and conscious approach to your daily hygiene routine.
  1. Portable Oral Guardian:
  • With a compact bottle containing 30 capsules, LIMETOW™ Tablets are your convenient, on-the-go oral care solution, easily fitting into your bag, backpack, or pocket.

  1. Safe for All Ages:
  • Designed with care, these tablets are safe for pregnant women and children, providing optimal oral care for the entire family.

  1. Refreshing Chewable-to-Foam:
  • Experience the refreshing transformation as the chewable tablet turns into foam, making your oral care routine not only effective but also enjoyable.

  1. Everyday Whitening:
  • Perfect for daily use, LIMETOW™ Tablets contain an advanced formula that targets and removes everyday stains, ensuring your teeth stay whiter with each chew.
  1. Reduction of Oral Odor:
  • Combat oral odor effectively with the probiotic action and refreshing flavors, leaving your breath consistently fresh throughout the day.


  1. Peppermint Extract:
  • Known for its refreshing properties, peppermint extract provides a burst of coolness while contributing to the overall cleanliness of the mouth.

  1. Sakura Flower Extract:
  • Derived from cherry blossoms, sakura flower extract introduces a delicate and enticing flavor, enhancing the sensory experience of each chewable tablet.

  1. Hydrated Silica:
  • A gentle abrasive agent that aids in the removal of surface stains, promoting teeth whitening without causing damage to the enamel.


  1. Probiotics Blend:
  • A carefully selected combination of beneficial bacteria that actively contribute to maintaining a healthy oral microbiome, reducing harmful bacteria and promoting fresher breath.

  1. Natural Sweeteners:
  • To enhance the overall flavor profile, LIMETOW™ Tablets incorporate natural sweeteners, ensuring a delightful taste without the need for artificial additives.

  1. Xylitol:
  • Apart from adding sweetness, xylitol has been included for its potential to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause cavities, contributing to improved oral health.

  1. Cellulose Gum:
  • This natural thickening agent contributes to the tablet's ability to transform into a cleansing foam, ensuring effective coverage during the chewing process.

  1. Stearic Acid:
  • A vegetable-derived fatty acid that assists in the binding of ingredients, contributing to the structural integrity of the chewable tablet.

  1. Magnesium Stearate:
  • This compound is used as a lubricant during the tablet manufacturing process, ensuring smooth and consistent tablet formation.

  1. Natural Coloring Agents:
  • Extracts from fruits and vegetables are used to add color to the tablets, enhancing the visual appeal without resorting to artificial dyes.

How to Use LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets:

For Mouthwash Method:

  1. Take 1-2 LIMETOW™ Tablets.
  2. Chew the tablet(s) until it transforms into a foamy consistency.
  3. Spread the refreshing foam thoroughly across all corners of your mouth and teeth.
  4. Allow the foam to work its magic for 15-30 seconds.
  5. Spit out the foam, experiencing the instant freshness.
  6. Revel in the reduced oral odor and the removal of thousands of bacteria.
  7. Rinse your mouth with water for a comprehensive finish.

For Brushing Method:

  1. Take 1-2 LIMETOW™ Tablets.
  2. Chew the tablet(s) until it becomes foamy.
  3. Spread the foam evenly across all corners of your mouth and teeth.
  4. Once foamed, use a toothbrush to gently scrub your teeth and tongue coating.
  5. Enjoy the sensation of the foam enhancing your brushing experience.
  6. After cleaning, spit out the foam, feeling the cleanliness and freshness.
  7. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water for a satisfying and refreshed feeling.

Whether you prefer the quick and refreshing mouthwash method or the more detailed brushing method, LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets offer a versatile and effective oral care experience, leaving your mouth clean, fragrant, and beautifully white.

Case Study:

“After taking LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets for one week, I'm already pleased with the results. The Cherry Blossom flavor is pleasant, and I've seen a reduction in oral odor. By the second week, the Mint flavor has become a favorite, and the teeth-whitening benefits are noticeable, particularly on coffee stains. After four weeks, my teeth are noticeably whiter, and the probiotics appear to be improving general oral health. The foaming movement is consistently enjoyable, and the ease of carrying it in my backpack for on-the-go freshness makes it an indispensable part of my daily routine. LIMETOW™ is a refreshing alternative to standard toothpaste that has significantly improved my oral care experience.”

Jean Wallis, 42, US


Flavors: Mint/ Cherry Blossom 

30 Tablets per Bottle

Package selection: 1 /2/ 3/ 5/ 10 Bottles

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