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LIMETOW™ Electronic Ear Wax Cleaner

LIMETOW™ Electronic Ear Wax Cleaner

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Easy Earwax Cleaning for Kids
Remove earwax in comfort

Unlike the skin on the rest of your body, the skin of your ear canal actively creates wax (a.k.a. cerumen) on its outer third. In most cases, blockage of the ear canal with wax is harmless. Our Electronic Ear Wax Cleaner has a  built-in LED light to illuminate dark areas that are hard to see, help you to remove earwax more accurately and clearly, and prevent ears from being hurt, safe and practical.

This remover is made of quality plastic and soft silicone, which is non irritating smell, non-toxic and safe to use, please rest assured to buy; Suitable for most of children and adults, choking risk may exist, under the age of 3 need to use it under the supervision of adults.

Easy to use, only push the button to turn on and off the LED light easily, the eartips can be easily replaced and removed, it is hygienic and convenient, which is more efficient and safer than traditional eartips and cotton swabs. These earwax removal tools are small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, which can be applied anytime, anywhere, convenient storage, and it does not take up too much space. 

This earwax removal with light is very eco-friendly. Ergonomic handles and grooves are designed on ear cleaning tools to make the whole process of the ear cleaning safer. It is an essential tool for family health and the first choice gift for elders, family and friends. Safe and comfortable, will not hurt your ear canal, make you have a pleasant ear cleaning experience. Suitable for all ages, especially for kids.

Product Feature

It is easier to see the ear canal, perfect for daily ear cleaning, soft round scoop tip, safe and comfortable, and suitable for all ages, especially for children and the elderly. Our ear scoops are suitable for dry earwax and are also effective for wet and sticky earwax.

Quality Material

These ear picks are mainly made of stainless steel, silicone and plastic, reliable and serviceable, easy to clean and available to reuse, not easy to distort or rust, which can accompany you for a long time, convenient for you or your family to use.

Travel Size 

This ear cleaning kit, only palm-sized and can be placed in a handbag, moreover, this earwax removal head that has anti-slip design, easier to pick out large pieces of earwax. The built-in LED lights up the ear canal and helps to remove ear wax safely. 

Easy to Use

This ear wax remover is equipped with LED lights making your life easier. The work of this ear cleaner becomes visual and less afraid of stabbing and causing nausea and retching. Easily clean the small earwax in the ear without causing damage to the ear.

User Review


"My fussy toddler accepted its use and it was so easy to use! The light really helps so the transparent silicone head is really a nice and safe touch. Great tool to have. The light on it is very convenient. It’s compact. It is really for kids' ears so you can clean them out and see what you're doing. Although I didn't recognize the brand, I have been pretty impressed with this Ear Wax Removal Tool. It has 2 kinds of tips that easily store inside the unit."

⭐ - Janet Cane, 29 years old


"This ear wax removal tool kit is a good little find. It makes it quite easy to remove a lot of earwax from someone's ears when necessary. This comes with a good light which makes it possible to see what you're doing. It also has small ear spoons to help with the removal process. I like that this has a built-in storage case to house the included accessories. This kit has been very useful, and I have been able to help my family with their ear wax build-up."

 - Clara Cooper, 34 years old



The ears cleaner is equipped with LED light to illuminate the ear canal, you can find and remove earwax more clearly,

Silicone - To prevent scratches, the tool features a soft silicone tip attached to an ergonomic handle, which allows you to twist it according to the direction of the arrow on the handle. Though, like any object you stick in your ears, it's better to start slowly rather than risk going too deep into the ear canal.

LED Light - With its built-in light, it brings a lot of innovation for taking care of ear wax buildup. Seeing how the wax remover works provides better access, gives protection from a potential eardrum scratch, and is generally satisfying.

How to Use & Process

It’s highly recommended to use a professional ear wax removal tool for the most effective and reliable results. Inserting cotton swabs or other objects as a removal method risks pushing the ear wax deeper, leading to more trouble than relief.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the tools with alcohol/soap and water before and after use every time.

Step 2: Gently slide the ear spoon into the ear.

Step 3: Gently remove the ear wax on the auditory meatus.

Step 4: Gently pull out the spoon.

Step 5: Gently clean the debris.

Step 6: After use, please clean first and put them back in the storage space.


Product Specifications
Net weight: 80g
Size: 130*28mm

Package Includes
1 x LIMETOW™ Electronic Ear Wax Cleaner

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