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LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad

LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad

 (1128 Reviews)

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LIMETOW™  Hip Lift Up Pad

LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad

 (1128 Reviews)
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Get an instant butt lift minus the costly surgeries! See what our happy customers have to say about the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad. 

"I’m so obsessed with the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad! It’s incredibly comfortable and provides subtle yet noticeable butt lifts. Its overall look complements my body and gives me a natural curve!” 

- Kathline A. Schwarz, FL, US

“What I love about the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad is how natural it looks. Its overall finish makes it virtually undetectable under my pants or skirt. I’m also obsessed with how breathable the material is, I don’t feel any irritation when wearing it. I highly recommend this one!”

- Sarah J. Wilkinson, KY, US

The LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your buttock’s appearance by providing a vibrant lift that complements your natural body shape. This product is carefully manufactured with a breathable finish for comfortable all-day wear.

The experts behind the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad carefully manufactured a product to create natural-looking curves that enhance and complement your body shape without appearing overly exaggerated. Its ultra-thin material ensures discreet wear under your pants or skirts to further elevate and provide a seamless finish. 

This incredible product is crafted with breathable materials to ensure comfortable wear. Aside from that, this product is designed with antibacterial properties to maintain hygiene, making it suitable for regular wear without causing a bad odor. It also helps prevent sweating, even during extended periods of use. Because of that, the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad is an incredible choice for non-irritating wear. 

Despite its thin and flexible design, the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad doesn’t deform or lose its shape even after prolonged use. Its durability ensures consistent lifts without the need for frequent replacements. Plus, this product provides incredible elasticity for a snug fit that adapts to your body’s movements, preventing it from shifting out of place. When pressed or compressed, this pad quickly rebounds to its original shape, maintaining its appearance without deflating. 

The pad is also seamlessly designed to avoid hemming, preventing irritation further or marks on your skin, particularly when worn for extended periods. You can wear it with different types of underwear, pants, and skirts without losing comfort or appearance. Even if you wear it with tight underwear, this product will still work with the same feel. 

The LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad is also available for different body types and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your specific needs. 

“The LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad stands out as an excellent alternative to expensive butt lift surgeries. Its incredible finish offers a natural look and comfortable wear, regardless of body type. I also want to praise its breathable material. It’s not as intrusive as many would think because it doesn’t irritate or produce any discomfort when in use. I highly recommend this one to those who want realistic enhancements without breaking the bank.” 

Janelle C. Richardson shares her experience with the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad.

Before purchasing the product, she was looking for an effective way to lift her buttocks without opting for surgery. This was her journey. 

[WEEK 1]

When I first tried the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad. I was immediately impressed by its instant results. The overall lift looks natural on my body and it seamlessly blends in whatever I wear, whether pants or skirts. 

[WEEK 2]

Another thing that I love about the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad is how comfortable it feels on my skin. It wasn’t tight and I was able to move around and go by my day-to-day activities. Even when I wear it for a whole day, I don’t experience any discomfort whatsoever. 

[WEEK 3]

After weeks of regular use, the LIMETOW™ Hip Lift Up Pad maintains the same shape. It’s still comfortable and seamlessly blends into my body. I absolutely love this and I highly recommend people to use it too!”


  • Natural buttocks enhancement
  • Ultra-thin and breathable material
  • Antibacterial finish to avoid irritation
  • Provides high elasticity and a durable finish
  • Compatible with tight underwear


  1. Simply wear it like regular underwear
  2. Make sure to lift up to your waistband to ensure better fit.


Available sizes: 

  • Small (S) - 27 X 19 X 3 cm
  • Medium (M) - 28 X 19.5 X 3 cm
  • Large (L) 29 X 20 X 3 cm
  • Extra Large (XL) - 30 X 20.5 X 3 cm 

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